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My name is Thao

Our home is a place where souls who love nature, enjoy discovering new things, and aspire to a dynamic lifestyle come together and connect. We share a passion for the practice of yoga. Thao believes that each of us desires to live a meaningful life, possess a healthy and positive body, and approach life with optimism.

It is precisely this that has inspired and motivated Thao to establish this communal home. A place where everyone comes together to share and spread positive energy and optimism, not only to ourselves but also to those around us.

Peace and love,

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Introductory yoga course
for beginners

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Are you new to the yoga practice ? Do you want to start practicing yoga systematically? Have you practiced yoga before and are restarting, but are afraid of getting injured? Or are you dealing with injuries and seeking a form of yoga to aid in your body's recovery? If any of your answers are 'Yes,' then this course is specifically designed for you.

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Phụ nữ mang thai thường dễ bị căng thẳng do áp lực của công việc và những thay đổi về tâm sinh lý trong quá trình mang thai. Với những lợi ích tuyệt vời mà yoga mang lại, yoga là một lựa chọn không thể thiếu trong  “Hành Trình Làm Mẹ ” diệu kỳ này. Đặc biệt luyện tập yoga là một trong những cách tốt nhất để giúp mẹ và bé được kết nối một cách sâu sắc nhất. ​



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Are you a new mother? Do you feel self-conscious about your body postpartum? Or are you desiring to regain self-confidence? Whatever your answer may be, I am certain that practicing yoga is one of the fastest ways to help you overcome postpartum depression, aid in rapid body recovery, and notably restore your previous self-confidence.

teaching skills


for new yoga teacher

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You have just completed your yoga instructor training course, but you are still worried about how to get started, aren't you ? You are not confident enough to lead a class, and you are hoping to have someone to share and accompany you, right ? Or maybe you simply want someone who can help you answer all your questions? Looking back 7 years ago, as well as now, I truly understand how you feel. Let me share and accompany you in this beautiful journey.


Yoga teaching skills
from A - Z

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Are you already a yoga instructor? Have you been teaching for a while but still haven not developed your own teaching style? Do you wish someone could help you explore and point out areas for improvement in your teaching skills? Or is it simply that you need someone to provide you with more motivation and inspiration? Don't hesitate and feel free to share all these desires with me, because I am always here and waiting for you.


How to teach yoga
in English

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Are you currently a yoga instructor? Do you have a passion for the English language? Are you looking to teach yoga to foreigners to enhance your career opportunities and income? But you are still hesitating due to your English proficiency and don't know where to start? Don't let English be a barrier to your career and future. Rest assured and let this course helps you out.

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8 động tác yoga giảm mỡ bụng Nhanh Và hiệu quả
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Chăm Sóc Vai , Cổ, Gáy Và Cột Sống Cùng Yoga
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Ngày 1: Đánh thức Nguồn năng lượng bên trong bạn

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