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Introductory yoga course
for beginners

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Are you new to the yoga practice ? Do you want to start practicing yoga systematically? Have you practiced yoga before and are restarting, but are afraid of getting injured? Or are you dealing with injuries and seeking a form of yoga to aid in your body's recovery? If any of your answers are 'Yes,' then this course is specifically designed for you.

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Pregnant women often experience stress due to work pressure and the psychological changes during pregnancy. With the incredible benefits that yoga brings, it becomes an essential choice in this miraculous 'Journey to Motherhood.' Especially, practicing yoga is one of the best ways to deeply connect both the mother and the baby. It offers wonderful advantages for this beautiful journey.



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Are you a new mother? Do you feel self-conscious about your body postpartum? Or are you desiring to regain self-confidence? Whatever your answer may be, I am certain that practicing yoga is one of the fastest ways to help you overcome postpartum depression, aid in rapid body recovery, and notably restore your previous self-confidence.


Yoga for neck, shoulders ,
and spine

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Neck and shoulder syndrome is now considered a 'modern-day illness' that everyone must experience at least once in their lifetime. It is especially common among office workers, but can also affect taxi drivers or stay-at-home mothers if you have a sedentary lifestyle and excessively use electronic devices. Regardless of who you are among us, practicing yoga is advisable for prevention and to aid your body in gradual recovery.


Yoga for Weight loss
and detox

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Environmental pollution, unhealthy eating habits, and unbalanced lifestyles, coupled with the sedentary nature of modern living, have led our bodies to endure excessive stress and accumulate toxins. With the incredible benefits that yoga offers, allow yoga exercises and natural detoxification methods to cleanse and rejuvenate your body from the inside out."


Breath work and
yoga practice

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Breath is the determining factor of life; as long as we breathe, we know we are alive. Have you truly mastered your breath? How can breath help you reduce stress and pressure in life? Or have you heard about the wonderful benefits of breath work in yoga but aren't sure how to practice it? Let this course guide you.

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